Reading, discussion

Fragments of Afghanistan

With Taqi Akhlaqi, Batool, Marica Bodrožić, Lucy Hannah, Moshtari Hilal, Verena Lueken, Annika Reich, Shahrbanoo Sadat and others

Tue, Jun 28, 2022
Lecture Hall
7.30 pm
Free admission

In German and English with simultaneous translation and Farsi

© Moshtari Hilal, 2022

It’s been almost a year since the Western nations withdrew their troops from Afghanistan. Large numbers of artists and authors have left the country. What are they doing in the diaspora? How are their networks organized? In what groups do they gather? What institutional support can they expect and what support do they receive? Do they also receive attention with topics unrelated to their displacement?

The evening begins with the reading of a work by Batool, arriving from a reception camp in Rome, introduced by Annika Reich from the project Weiter Schreiben and read by her pen pal Marica Bodrožić. The contributors talk with Ivor Stodolsky and Marita Muukkonen of Artists at Risk (AR) about rescuing Afghan cultural workers who want to leave the country. Lucy Hannah from the NGO Untold (London), Moshtari Hilal from the AVAH Collective, filmmaker Shahrbanoo Sadat, writer Taqi Akhlaqi and others talk about freedom of expression and art under the Taliban regime. The conversation is moderated by Verena Lueken.

Untold – Weiter Schreiben Afghanistan is an initiative of the KfW Foundation in cooperation with"Untold - Write Afghanistan" and Weiter Schreiben.

Countering Fragmentation

With the AVAH Collective, moderated by Moshtari Hilal


Jun 28, 2022