Lectures, Screenings und Performances

Former West: Tag 5

Ranjit Hoskote, Nikos Papastergiadis, Rasha Salti, Hassan Khan, Nida Ghouse und viele andere

Fr 22.3.2013
Tagesticket 8 € / erm. 5 €

10–24h Kunstwerke an verschiedenen Orten des Hauses

10-13h Workshops: Closed sessions

16-23h Performance: Aernout Mik Untitled, 2013 (s. Booklet S. 116)

Insurgent Cosmopolitanism
18h Keynote Lecture: Ranjit Hoskoté
19-20 h Screening: Nikos Papastergiadis From Permanent Red to Into Cosmos: John Berger’s Art Criticism (s. Booklet S. 54)
Conversation: Ranjit Hoskote, Rasha Salti Radical Encounters (s. Booklet S. 116)

19-20.30h Screening: Chen Chieh-jen Empire’s Borders I (2008–2009), Empire’s Borders II—Western Enterprises Inc. (2010) (s. Booklet S. 76)
21.30– 22.30h Conversation: Hassan Khan, Nida Ghouse The Form of the Content (s. Booklet S. 98)
22.30-22.50h Screening: Rabih Mroué Shooting Images (2012) (s. Booklet S. 122)
23-24h Performance: Nástio Mosquito African? I Guess (s. Booklet S. 120)

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