Lectures, discussions and screenings

Former West: Day 3

Felix Stalder, Irit Rogoff, Stefano Harney, Adrian Heathfield, Louis Moreno, Daniel Baker and many others

Wed, Mar 20, 2013
10 am
Day ticket 8 €, conc. 5 €

10–24h Artworks throughout HKW available for viewing

10-13h Workshops: Closed sessions

10–13h Lecture, Discussion: Felix Stalder and others

18h Keynote Lecture: Irit Rogoff
18.45-19.30h Lecture: Stefano Harney Logistical Infrastructures and Algorithmic Institutions (s. Booklet p. 38)
Discussion: Stefano Harney, Adrian Heathfield, Louis Moreno, Irit Rogoff

21.30–21.50h Screening: Marion von Osten The Glory of the Garden (2009) (s. Booklet p. 124)
22-23h Conversation: Daniel Baker, Ethel Brooks A Roma Model/The Cosmopolitan Other (s. Booklet p. 68)
23-24h Screening: Manthia Diawara Édouard Glissant: One World in Relation (2010) (s. Booklet p. 88)