Lectures, discussions and screenings

Former West: Day 2

Franco Berardi Bifo, Qiu Zhijie, Maria Naprushina, Keiko Sei and many others

Tue, Mar 19, 2013
2 pm
Day ticket 8 €, conc. 5 €

10-24h Artworks throughout HKW available for viewing

10-13h Workshops: Closed sessions

14-16h Lecture, Discussion: Maurizio Lazzarato, Arianna Bove, Stefan Nowotny

17-18h Conversation: Christopher Kulendran Thomas, Tom Trevatt Art Beyond Spectatorship? (s. Booklet p. 140)

18-19h Lecture: Franco Berardi Bifo GAME OVER (s. Booklet p. 20)
19-20h Conversation: Qiu Zhijie, Boris Groys Towards Total Art (s. Booklet p. 26)
20.30-23h Lecture-Screening: Marina Naprushkina, Office for Anti-Propaganda The Emperor Is Naked (s. Booklet p. 24)

20.30-22h Lecture-Screening: Keiko Sei Impenetrable Spot on a Soft Shell: The Enigma of Asia in Post-Wall Capitalism (s. Booklet p. 136)
23-23.30h Screening: Neil Beloufa Kempinski (2007) (s. Booklet p. 70)