Wut Gipfel I Rage Summit - Day 2

Discussions, Re-Readings, Dialogical Inquiries

Sat, May 8, 2010
2 pm
€ 3 Euro for a day ticket, admission free if you book through info@hkw.de
Open from 11:00 - 22:00 h

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14:00 h Dialogical Inquiry 1

"Resentment - when rage becomes intelligent" (Marc Jongen - Luca di Blasi)

Based on Peter Sloterdijk’s theories of "Rage and Time", Luca Di Blasi (Institute for Cultural Inquiry) and the cultural theorist, Marc Jongen, (Hochschule für Gestaltung, Karlsruhe) explore the historical and current "policies" of the "world power rage,” , stressing particularly its form of resentment.

15:00 h Open Panel

“Rage as Affect: a Question of Emotion”

Rage explodes in the here, in the now and "alongside" our common everyday order. Those who rage have broken away from the terrain of control. Those who rage take leave of sense and reason. Different cultures measure and control rage in very different ways. How do different “emotional communities” deal with rage? What social and societal control regimes of rage have been established or are currently dissolving? How can we think about relinquishing the old privileges of reason as opposed to feeling? and are we able to recognize the productive and creative aspects of anger and rage?

Participants: Aaron Ben-Ze'ev, Boyan Manchev, Encarnacion Gutierrez Rodriguez, Paolo Santangelo, Joseph Vogl. Moderation: Eva-Maria Engelen.

17:00 h ReReading 3: “The languages of Rage”

A reading and commentary by Nina Power

The journalist and philosopher, Nina Power, (“The one-dimensional woman”) takes a tour through political and activist manifestos, ranging from the Enragés of the French Revolution to the pamphlets of Tiqqun, commenting and deciphering the languages and rhetoric of angry thinkers, activists and controverters.

17:30 h Dialogical Inquiry 2

"The Rage of the Aesthetic Avant-garde" (Oliver Ruf - Annette Weisser)

The avant-garde movements of the early 20th century made a claim for rage, protest, and artistic practices of life in the frame of rage and anger. The cultural journalist and author, Oliver Ruf, and the artist and curator, Annette Weisser, will discuss these affects and their revolutionary potential.

18:30 h Dialogical Inquiry 3

"Never-ending Resistance" (Robert Misik and Sheila Mysorekar)

What kind of disenfranchisement forms the agitations of today and when do these agitations open out into forms of anger, resigned or other complex forms of opposition? The Austrian journalist and author of the globalization bestseller, “Genial dagegen,”, (2005), Robert Misik, discusses these issues with journalist and author, Sheila Myorekar ("The Moslem-TÜV" (2008) et al.).

19:30 h ReReading 4: “Sequences of rage and anger in pre-demolished spaces”

Monika Rinck

How does consciousness change after rage? What does it take and what does it leave behind? What do returning spirits encounter in their return? The author and poet Monika Rinck questions the interior spaces of anger with texts by Sigmund Freud, Seneca, thermodynamic theories and her own work ("Ah, Love Thing", 2006, "Helle Verwirrung", 2009).

20:15 h Open Panel

“Anger, now: Tipping Points, Border Lines, Emergencies"

Whether as a spontaneous or well-organized protest, or as an individual revolt or revolution - the scope of rage always also points to societal and psycho-social dislocation, to constellations of power and powerlessness: from middle class depression to loss of meaning, from exclusion and poverty to war,Oppression, racism and violence. What is the straw that broke the camel’s back? When do political and social systems fall to pieces? Researchers, activists and artists examine outbreaks of rage in social and political regimes with a view to acute political trouble spots such as Iran, China and Africa.

Participants: Heinz Bude, Amir Hassan Cheheltan, Celestin Monga, Dominique Malaquais, Robert Misik, Gurminder K. Bhambra, Maria do Mar Castro Varela.

22:00 h ReReading 5: “Teheran Revolution Avenue”

Reading and comment with Amir Hassan Cheheltan

The author, who was born in Tehran, reads from his book "Teheran Revolutionsstraße.”. So far, it is only available in German translation.

from 22:30 h

Music with 'Femmes with Fatal Breaks' (DJ Collective)

In March 1999, FEMMES WITH FATAL BREAKS got together as the first female DJ collective in Berlin. Ever since, they have been rocking the clubs of the German capital and the rest of the world with their excellent breakbeats. From 2001 until 2003, the FEMMES’ event series with its vibrant and ecstatic athmosphere at the Bastard Club was an absolute highlight of Berlin’s party life. Since 2004 the FEMMES have appeared with new party concepts, expanding all over the city’s most exciting clubs and venues: Watergate, Icon, ZMF, Deep and Rosis. The FEMMES WITH FATAL BREAKS MC CONTEST is breaking new ground in the field of break beat. Once a year it gives a forum to young MC’s battling for the title.

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