Streetscapes [Dialogue] | The Last City

132 min, English OV with German subtitles | 100 min, English OV with German subtitles | Short presentations by Zohar Rubinstein, Dennis Lim & Mark Peranson

Sat, Oct 16, 2021
4 pm
Day ticket: 7€/5€ (incl. exhibition visit from Oct 18, 2021)
At this time, the GGG rule (tested-vaccinated-recovered) applies for this event. More about Covid-19 admission regulations
Heinz Emigholz, Still from "Streetscapes [Dialogue]" Germany 2015-17, © Heinz Emigholz & Filmgalerie 451

Short presentation by Zohar Rubinstein (EN)
Streetscapes [Dialogue]
D: H. Emigholz, 132 min, English OV with German subtitles

Streetscapes [Dialogue] is the cinematographic manifestation of a marathon project with the aim to remove the psychological impasse that blocked Emigholz’s creative work. The process portrays a dialogue on testimonies of trauma. In addition to the two human protagonists – the filmmaker and his analyst –, the film offers a rare glance of using two other protagonists: architecture and the camera. Architecture, although silent, and always significantly present, plays an essential role in echoing Emigholz's inner voices. The camera as both observer and a subject portrays his philosophy and belief of its essence and role in photography as a whole.

Short presentation by Dennis Lim & Mark Peranson (EN)
The Last City
D: H. Emigholz, 100 min, English OV with German subtitles

Dennis Lim and Mark Peranson's presentation responds to the structure of the film The Last City:

“(Streetscapes [Dialogue]: John Erdman, Jony Perel)
Kreidler [“Radio Island”]
Be’er Sheva [Empathetic Weapons Design]: Jony Perel, John Erdman
Kreidler [“Radio Island”]
Athens [(Self) Addiction]: John Erdman, Young Sun Han
Kreidler [“Radio Island”]
Berlin [What’s Wrong with Brother on Brother Incest?]: Young Sun Han, Laurean Wagner, Dorothy Ko
Kreidler [“Radio Island”]
Hong Kong [German-Japanese Guilt Wurst]: Dorothy Ko, Susanne Sachsse
Kreidler [“Radio Island”]
São Paulo [Slovenly Cosmology]: Susanne Sachsse, Jony Perel
Kreidler [“Radio Island”]
(Buenos Aires [The Lobby]: John Erdman)

Berlin/Nadur [2013-2020]: Heinz Emigholz“

Followed by a panel discussion with Heinz Emigholz, Anselm Franke, Dennis Lim, Mark Peranson and Zohar Rubinstein