Plattenbau und Polytechnik. Emanzipatorische Momente realsozialistischer Schulgestaltung

Expert-led tour with Dina Dorothea Falbe and Dorett Mumme

Sun, Jun 27, 2021
3 pm
7€/3€ incl. exhibition visit
In German

Meeting point: box office
Dresden. Schloss Albrechtsberg, since 1951 Pioneer Palace (built in 1850/1854 for Prince Albrecht of Prussia by Adolf Lohse), at Pioneer Park., Courtesy SLUB Dresden / Deutsche Fotothek, Photo: Richard Petersen

Is it possible to enrich current discussions about home-schooling, care work and public spirit by looking at the GDR? Dina Dorothea Falbe (architecture journalist) and Dorett Mumme (Cultural Education HKW) talk about emancipatory moments of GDR school design during a walk through the exhibition.

The keyword "GDR schools" often conjures up images of standardized prefabricated buildings - the so-called "type buildings". However, industrial construction since the 1960s allowed for greater diversity and flexibility. Parents, students and teachers helped to build their schools as volunteers. The teaching concept of "polytechnic education" combined theoretical lessons with practical experience. And all-day education set out to relieve the burden on mothers, the majority of whom, unlike in the West, were employed.

During a walk through the exhibition, various case studies offer an opportunity to discuss these topics, which are again highly topical today. Audience participation is expressly encouraged.