Bewegungen bilden – eine körperliche Raumerkundung

Workshop with Sabine Zahn

Thu, Jul 1, 2021
6 pm
10€/5€ incl. exhibition visit
In German

Meeting point: box office
Sabine Zahn, Photo: Silke Briel/HKW

The workshop enters directly into the post-lockdown reality of a building that, as a former congress hall, has an educational mission inscribed into its architecture. Implementing the concrete example of the HKW and the questions raised in the exhibition concerning the ideal nature of spaces for learning and social exchange, the participants explore the relationship between body, mind and public space. Guided by the choreographer Sabine Zahn, they will test how a sense of space is created not only through built architecture, but also - following on from experiences in the pandemic - through physical and sensory experience, but above all in interaction with others.