Presentations, discussions

Extracts and Exclusions

With Shana M. griffin, Sadie Luetmer, moderated by Maya Indira Ganesh

Tue, Oct 27, 2020
Live stream and HKW lobby
7 pm
Free admission, on-site with free admission ticket
In English with simultaneous translation into German

Undertaking a practice oftentimes requires different modes of extracting resources: material, data, knowledge and so on. But how can one negotiate between considered extraction and decontextualization and even outright exploitation that causes unequal flows of knowledge? The lines between inclusion and exclusion can be unclear, and being “included” does not always imply access to spaces of knowledge. So how does one proceed when doing research about such a contentious time as the Anthropocene in an equitable and contextualized manner?

To engage with these themes, participants from around the world share their practices from the field via video streams, discussing and negotiating what it is they are presenting and their relationship to the places at the center of their projects.

7 pm
Maya Indira Ganesh

7.15 pm
Walk 1
Shana M.griffin

Feminist activist and geographer Shana M. griffin brings session participants to her hometown of New Orleans as we move between different sites on her “Displaced” walking tour.

7.30 pm
Walk 2
Sadie Luetmer

Videographer Sadie Luetmer negotiates the ethics of extraction while documenting different activist struggles in and around Minnesota.

8 pm
Maya Indira Ganesh, Shana M. griffin, Sadie Luetmer