Fragments of a Street

Listening Session with Flaneur Magazine

Thu, Aug 20, 2020
7.30 pm
Sold out!
In English

Open air on the roof terrace
© Studio Yukiko

Stories, objects and events that don't seem to be connected at first glance, reveal an underlying geometry of West Berlin’s Kantstraße. Traces of resistance are weaved together around the main narrative of the performative listening session: a conversation with Michael Tauber, an 85-year-old former NASA engineer who grew up on Kantstraße 121 until he and his family were deported in 1941. He shares his story of survival alongside excerpts of his mother’s memoirs that have never been translated before. In live readings, recordings and musical performances their voices are juxtaposed with other voices from the street, thus they remain not just part of the street's past, but also its presence.

The listening session is a sneak preview of Flaneur’s six-part podcast before its official autumn launch. The podcast revisits the print issue and utilizes the audio format to continue the conversations it initiated.

With Dorothea Anzinger, Yukari Aotani, Grashina Gabelmann, Elliott McKee, Matteo Pavesi, Wouter Rentema, Fabian Saul, Tanasgol Sabbagh and Senthuran Varatharajah