Dance Before Dark

With Claire Hooper

Sun, Feb 7, 2016
Lecture Hall
3.30–5.30 pm

Can we still talk about the existence of public space? Common areas are increasingly privatized and commercialized, while squares, streets and buildings are monitored by cameras.

Mobile communications in particular undermine the fleeting freedoms of urban anonymity. That the digital traces we leave on the network with our actions and movements are stored for possible evaluation has long been undeniable. The four films in this program are linked in their deconstruction of the technologies of social discipline and control. Using essayistic collage, through dance improvisation and an intrusion of the dreamy and animistic into reality, the self-empowerment of social subjects and their bodies is imagined and asserted in these works.

Cairography, Kinda Hassan & Dalia Naous, EG 2013, 18'
Nyx, Claire Hooper, UK/DE 2010, 22'
Black Code/Code Noir, Louis Henderson, FR 2015, 20'
Ditch Plains, Loretta Fahrenholz, DE/FR/US 2013, 30'