Hybrid Event / Anxious to Share

Making Planetary Scale Gestures

With James Bridle, Sarah T Gold, Femke Herregraven, Ola Möller, Troy Conrad Therrien and Ben Vickers

Sun, Feb 7, 2016
Exhibition Hall 1
4.30–6.30 pm

As infrastructural projects and systems of governance begin to take on new, planetary dimensions, some academics (through the lens of the Anthropocene) elatedly proclaim that we are drawing closer to a new dawn in which human agency could reign supreme over the Earth.

As these reactive frameworks seek to implant planetary boundaries, enact geoengineering, and establish models for tracking identity globally, they in turn give rise to destructive new universal societal narratives. Yet this tendency towards approaching problems on a planetary scale also signals the possibility for an interruption, disruption, or incision to shift the current trajectory. Bringing together a group of designers, artists, and researchers, this hybrid gathering examines global rhythms, information flows, contours, and bruisings made upon the Earth in order to gesture towards alternative possibilities to the current planetary scale monologue/discourse.