Hybrid Event / Anxious to Secure

Border Visions

With Matthias Monroy, Peng Collective, Christoph Wachter & Mathias Jud, Gökce Yurdakul, Theresa Züger and Max Hoppenstedt

Sun, Feb 7, 2016
Exhibition Hall 1
1–3 pm

During recent years European borders have become the focal line reflecting states’ anxieties to secure themselves, introducing surveillance and big data analysis to the “management” of migration and the movement of refugees.

Border politics express the battle between humanism, the demands of the European labor market, strategic politics, and the anxieties that range from personal fears to collective xenophobia. The other, represented by the one crossing a border, becomes the embodiment of personal as well as political anxieties. By analyzing recent border politics from the perspectives of various speakers, this stream will discuss potential visions for the next five years. What strategies of inclusion and exclusion, surveillance and control does Europe stand for today, how might these influence the Europe to come, and which futures are imaginable and desirable?