Workshop / Anxious to Make

Unmaking: 5 Anxieties

With Institute of Experimental Design and Media Cultures Critical Media Lab

Sun, Feb 7, 2016
Conference Room 2
1–3 pm
Requirements: Participants need to pick up and try out an Unmaking_Kit well before the workshop. More information and pick up hours here. Buy Tickets

In our mad rush to 3D-print the world (again), we have ignored a few important things: the necessity of physical traction and engagement with materials in creative processes, the realities of material resource chains, and the homogenization and functionalization of once-radical grassroots subcultures and communities.

We are all now, somewhat paradoxically, makers and hackers, using kits (prescribed solutions) to develop supposed novelties, using off-the-shelf DIY to do battle with a hegemony that continuously chips away at our laser-cut armor. As part of an afternoon discussion session, participants and the general public are invited to an open conversation about the birth, death, and reconstitution of maker and hacker cultures. Should we all just stop making—or start unmaking? Unmaking as breaking, unmaking as refusal, unmaking as...? Following the event, a summary publication (as a “kit”) will be issued, presenting results.

A collaboration between the Critical Media Lab, Basel and the Artistic Technology Research Lab, Vienna.