D: Matías Piñeiro, ARG 2012, 65 min, English subtitles

Sun, Sep 13, 2015
2.30 pm
Admission: 6€/4€
Thu, Sep 17, 2015
9 pm
Admission: 6€/4€
Viola, film still, © Promo

Sabrina and Agustín are no longer a couple. Cecilia thinks their separation won’t last. On stage, Sabrina and Cecilia are playing Viola and Olivia. Soon a real Viola shows up, supplying Buenos Aires with pirated DVDs and probably to take over the role of Viola. Got that?

In a poetic, mad chase in the labyrinth of love and Shakespeare’s plays, the dialogues glide easily from the stage into everyday life, with dizzying relationship escapades hovering between going and staying, acting and waiting.

  • “With Viola, Piñeiro establishes his status as a mastermind of New Argentine Cinema, following in the footsteps of Jacques Demy and Jacques Rivette.” Alan Pauls