Historias extraordinarias 1-3 (Extraordinary Stories)

D: Mariano Llinás, ARG 2008, 245 min, English subtitles

Sat, Sep 12, 2015
7–11 pm
In the presence of the director
Admission: 6€/4€
Fri, Sep 18, 2015
7.30–11.30 pm
Admission: 6€/4€

With two intermissions

Historias extraordinarias 1-3 (Extraordinary Stories), film still, © Promo

Extraordinary stories in three story lines: X witnesses a murder, H is sent on an odyssey downriver and Z discovers the mysterious past of his predecessor in the job. There’s a love triangle, a dying lion. The viewer becomes a detective; follows narrative trails, sits in the road movie/thriller/adventure film.

Llínas's universally acclaimed, more than four-hour epic expertly challenges conventional cinematic narratives and folds his stories into a fascinating new cinematographic structure. Throughout, his passion for the literary narratives of Borges, Stevenson and Pynchon is evident.

  • “The film that brought enthusiasm for narrative back to Argentinian cinema.” Alan Pauls