Film and talk

Arbeiter verlassen die Fabrik (Workers Leaving the Factory)

D: Harun Farocki, D 1995, 36 min

Sun, Mar 15, 2015
5 pm
Admission: 6€

German OV

Photo: “Workers Leaving the Factory”, © Harun Farocki, 1995

How come the factory has remained on the fringes of film portrayals? Harun Farocki takes the 1895 classic “Workers Leaving the Lumière Factory” as the starting point for his response to this question. He combines the original, which was just under a minute long, with key scenes from feature films and documentaries and weekly newsreels. From the off, his voice takes us through this iconographic analysis and identifies the factory gates as an interface between production and public and private life.

Followed by a talk with Volker Pantenburg