May 25–Sep 13, 2006

Brasil: Copa da Cultura

Festival: Dance, Music, Football, Films, Exhibitions, Debates, Ledctures, Readings

Culture and football – this liaison is a matter of course for a country in which a special feeling for the body, its movements, and its rhythms are basic to cultural identity. The singing legend Gilberto Gil and the football legend Pelé have launched the initiative for a Brazilian “cultural world championship” – Copa da Cultura 2006 – parallel to the football world championships. Open-air concerts by top stars, exhibitions, football broadcasts, dance, films, discussions – the House of World Cultures is Berlin’s center of the culture campaign.

7. - 13.09.2006

Now that the successful Brasil Festival at the House of World Cultures has ended with approximately 55,000 visitors attending concerts, exhibitions, talks and films, the HKW is presenting contemporary Brazilian literature in co-operation with the international literature festival berlin. With Paulo Henriques Britto, Adriana Lunardi, Luiz Ruffato and Ricardo Azevedo.

Música Popular Brasileira
25.05.2006 - 08.07.2006

The Music Series presents in nine double concertos some big Brazilian groups, the Música Popular Brasileira - from the well-known urban centres to the remotest towns and villages, from the great generation of Tropicalismo to the funk and rap stars, from the latest developments in bossa nova to samba and, last but not least, to the announced DJs. After the opening with Gilberto Gil, every Friday and Saturday, for the duration of the World Cup, these concerts form the highlight of the Brazilian festivals at the House of World Cultures - with live transmissions of the matches and culinary delights. In a series of Lounge Events Brazilian and German DJs will together be pulling all the stops.

Gilberto Gil & Samba de Roda de Nicinha | Samba de Roda de Nicinha | Jorge Ben Jor & Aparelhagem/DJ Dolores | DJ Marky + DJs Hard Edged | Uakti & Trio Madeira Brasil | Chico Buarque & Vitor Ramil | DJ Marlboro & DJ Daniel Haaksman | DJ Dolores & DJ Shantel | Nana Vasconselos & Projeto Axial | Moreno+2 & Arnaldo Antunes | Martinalia & Bebel Gilberto | Nacao Zumbi & Instituto | Elza Soares & Tereza Cristina | Elba Ramalho

10.06.2006 - 09.07.2006

With "Tropicália" , the exhibition programme of "Copa da Cultura" presents probably the most important cultural movement of South America in the last 50 Years. A revolution in music, fine arts, theatre and cinema, with deep impact on advertisement, fashion and TV as well. The "Interventions" show four works of Brazilian Artists, that interfere with the House of World Cultures as an artistic and meeting place. For "Image of Sound: Football" , 30 artists of fine arts were invited by curator Felipe Taborda to create new works on the basis of football songs.

Post Cinema Novo
The Best Films of the New Millennium
12.06.2006 - 09.07.2006

During the past few decades, Brazilian cinema has produced some outstanding works inspired by the ‘new realism’ of Cinema Novo. After Argentina, Brazil is the most important film nation in South America. A topical film series will be showing recent feature films, documentaries and short films made during the last five years which show that the Brazilian film is finding outstanding new forms.

Lectures | Debates
10.06.2006 - 28.06.2006

A series of lectures on the themes of culture and football, cultural policy and culture in the 21st century reflects upon Brazilian perspectives in current debates on these topics.


In fourteen ensembles and performances, the IN TRANSIT 06 Brazil focus features the debate there over questions of identity and the relationship between the self and the other – a debate of particular importance in the land of antropofagia, the “cultural cannibalism”.
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A co-operation project between the Brazilian Ministry of Culture and the House of World Cultures, Berlin.

Under the title Copa da Cultura, the Brazilian Ministry of Culture is staging an entire year of events in several German cities. A cluster of events is planned to coincide with the FIFA World Cup (9 June to 9 July) in Berlin, Munich and other cities.