2321 #2

Studentesse e studenti auto-organizzati contro la DaD (Naples) with SciFiKo and kollektiv orangotango

From the project in Naple, © kollektiv orangorango

Italy, 2020. Hundreds of schoolchildren are organizing to respond to pandemic-induced distance learning and to generally demand better conditions for school education. The collectives SciFiKo and orangotango invite a group of activists in Naples to continue this work with the Albert-Einstein-Gymnasium in Berlin through the eyes of science fiction: How will young people learn in the year 2321? Will there still be schools? What kind of places of learning do the future and the present need? The young people are invited to reflect on the future society they want to live and learn in and to formulate tangible answers for the present. The workshop is based on the teens’ fight for educational justice and uses the transformative and imaginative power of science fiction for their activist practice: to change the present and shape the future together.

The project group consists of students and activists for educational justice from different groups and schools in Naples.