The Day After

Rosa-Parks-Grundschule with SuperFuture (Stefan Endewardt and Julia Brunner)

School Project at Rosa-Parks-Grundschule, 2021, Photo: Laura Fiorio

What will the cities of the future look like and how do people want to live in them? What will they need for a good life? What is a good life anyway? And how should school prepare us for it? The sixth grade of Rosa Parks School approaches these questions with their teacher Kai Girrbach along with Stefan Endewardt and Julia Brunner from SuperFuture. Based on photographs of the urban space around their school, they develop urban dreams for the future between dystopia and utopia, charged with topics that the students care about. As cyborg avatars from the future, they look back to question their present. The results are short animated collage films that are inscribed in school and the city using augmented reality.

Rosa-Parks-Grundschule is an all-day school in Berlin-Kreuzberg. With teacher Kai Girrbach, his sixth-grade class and Michaela Schlagenwerth (cultural agent for creative schools).