Sounds of Tomorrow

Robert-Blum-Gymnasium with QuerKlang

Robert-Blum-Gymnasium, © Laura Fiorio

What does the future sound like? Accompanied by composer Mathias Hinke, music teacher Henning Wehmeyer, cultural manager Kerstin Wiehe from QuerKlang and teachers Ms. Ruthemeier and Ms. Kühl, class 8a of the Robert-Blum-Gymnasium in Berlin-Schöneberg explores the sound of the future. With the QuerKlang concept, children and young people learn how to experimentally deal with noises and sounds with students from artistic disciplines, artists and teachers. Together, they explore musical material and combine it in new ways. Personal creative production meets collective negotiation processes. The method is process-based, artistic, experimental, open-ended and personality-building. It helps to open up the heterogeneous lifeworlds of the increasingly digitized generations and to negotiate joint creative collaboration. In the end, the composition created by the collective will be performed for the first time. More information at

Robert-Blum-Gymnasium focuses on math/natural sciences and the theater and is located in Berlin-Schöneberg. With class 8a, teachers Ms. Ruthemeier and Ms. Kühl and Annika Niemann (Kulturagenten für Kreative Schulen)