Stadtapotheke: Sharing lost knowledge

Nürtingen-Grundschule with sideviews, Jugendgremium Schattenmuseum and two retired pharmacists

Photo: sideviews

The pharmacy as a place of medicines and knowledge on the one hand, the city with its diseases, wounds, scars and afflictions on the other: Students from the Nürtingen primary school explore both in a cross-generational artistic research project. With the Jugendgremium Schattenmuseum, Anja Scheffer, Seraphina Lenz and Silke Ballath from sideviews, their teacher Wiebke Janzen and retired pharmacists Tomma and Heino Luxa and in cooperation with the project Global Roots, they go out in search of plants and other remedies in the urban space and explore the pain points of the city. The Stadtapotheke (city pharmacy) collects, archives and publishes knowledge. In addition to its interest in (medicinal) plants and habitats, its preserves ancient knowledge for future generations: using self-healing powers as an aid to strengthening oneself and not just leaving healing to strangers.

Nürtingen Grundschule is a Montessori-oriented all-day school in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Grades 1 to 3 and 4 to 6 are each taught in aged-mixed groups.