2321 #1

Albert-Einstein-Gymnasium in Britz with scifiko and orangotango collective

Albert-Einstein-Gymnasium, © Laura Fiorio

Science fiction is a tool for thinking about the present – the here and now – with just the power of imagination. Addressing the schools of tomorrow opens a door to dreams and fears about the future of this learning space, but also about today’s situation. Francesca Cogni and Tuline Gülgönen from the artist group SciFiKo and Laurenz Virchow from the orangotango collective work together with the teachers and students of class 9f of Albert-Einstein-Gymnasium in Britz. By exploring places, objects and scales, in discussions and storytelling, the project group enters shared and separate imaginary worlds and ideas about the future of the place where they live and learn. The teenagers make a short science fiction film about their school in 2321: Planterry – Another Story.

Albert-Einstein-Gymnasium in the Neukölln district of Britz has two distinctive focuses with its musical profile and as the State European School Berlin (SESB) for Italian and German. With class 9f, teacher Sabine Stützer, cultural officer Elisabeth Schönfeld and Katharina Stahlhoven (Kulturagenten für Kreative Schulen)