Eliot Weinberger | Beatrice Faßbender

„das schrille Zirpen einer gewaltigen Menge Feldgrillen
das Klagegeheul von Baumfröschen
dieser Aufruhr des Lebens lässt nie nach“


Jury notes:

Eliot Weinberger’s The Ghost of Birds weaves motifs from far-apart cultures and eras, leading us into a time-space with a new sense of possibilities. We follow meditations on stones, delve into variations on the story of Adam and Eve, learn from river ride logbooks, listen to the ghost of birds. The language is as fleet-footed as it is saturated; the rousing translation by Beatrice Faßbender captures the complexity and tone. A book that amazes, a cornucopia of acquired, poetic willfulness. – Daniela Seel

Eliot Weinberger , © Nina Subin

Author: Eliot Weinberger

Eliot Weinberger, born in New York in 1949, is an essayist, political commentator and translator of the works of Octavio Paz, Vicente Huidobro, Bei Dao and others. He is editor of, for example, the Calligrams series published in New York and Hong Kong. His essay collections published in German include Kaskaden, Suhrkamp, 2003, An Elemental Thing (New Directions, 2007, Das Wesentliche, Berenberg, 2008) and Oranges & Peanuts for Sale (New Directions, 2009, Orangen! Erdnüsse!, Berenberg, 2011). Weinberger lives in New York.

Beatrice Faßbender , © privat

Translator: Beatrice Faßbender

Beatrice Faßbender, born 1972 in Reinbek, lives in Berlin. Her translations include Jeffrey Yang’s poetry volumes An Aquarium (2012, German translation Berenberg, 2012) and Vanishing Line (2011, German translation Berenberg, 2015) as well as the essay collection Animals Strike Curious Poses by Elena Passarello (2017, German translation Hanser Berlin, 2018). In 2014 she published the anthology New York. Eine literarische Einladung (Wagenbach).