Präsentation, Diskussion

Mobilising Infrastructure Space

mit: Tobias Revell, Erica Scourti, unMonastery

Sa 31.1.2015
Eintritt: 8€/5€

This session will seek to unpick how the use of existing infrastructural protocol, language and narrative can potentially be used to shift global information landscapes, broadband urbanisms, and free trade atopias.

"The activist need not face off against every weed in the field but rather, unannounced, alter the chemistry of the soil.” - Extrastatecraft, Keller Easterling

What do we consider to be the critical infrastructure of our age? And does there now exist a common language that could facilitate its shared use, reappropriation and mobilisation?

The session will be led by Jay Springett, responsible for the network artifact #stacktivism; initially launched into the Twitter-sphere as an attempt to generate debate around, the emergent conversations and line of enquiries around infrastructures and the relationship we have to them. This gathering will open with the presentation of work by Erica Scourti and Tobias Revell who feature in this years Transmediale - after a series of short presentations for framing the subject at hand, discussion will then be opened out to those in attendance.

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