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    Madeleine Thien: Flüchtige Seelen

    terror and the murder of millions of people. With a clear soft language, she tells of the loss and

    Patrick Chamoiseau | Beate Thill: Die Spur des Anderen

    language and congenially translated into German by Beate Thill.” (The jury on the shortlist nomination 2015)

    Tatort: Schlachtfeld. Haus der Kulturen der Welt

    . Sonja Valentin studied journalism and German and English language and literature in Hamburg and London

    Jury Members of the Ideas Competition It’s our School!

    internationally which are united by the German language. Friederike Claußen previously worked for the Goethe

    Alexander Ilichevsky | Andreas Tretner: Der Perser

    digressions. In the vein of the artificial language of the Soviet Futurist Velimir Chlebnikow, the novel

    Joanna Bator | Lisa Palmes: Dunkel, fast Nacht

    convincingly weaves together a multitude of narrative strands, layers of language and reality. The sinister

    Love and Ethnology: Curatorial Statement

    of the observer and the observed into a dialectical process of language and sexuality. Although he

    Michail Schischkin: Venushaar

    polyphonic. With his alert ear for the language, Andreas Tretner has subtly replicated every linguistic

    Counter Gravity: Publication

    consciousness. Thanks to his unique formal language he has radically distanced himself from conventional

    Counter Gravity: Publication

    consciousness. Thanks to his unique formal language he has radically distanced himself from conventional

    Introductory Speech

    , externally represented. In our gestures, in our language, in our environments, in symbols, in images, in

    Rage Summit: Participants

    concentrations include theory of knowledge, philosophy of language, and the history of philosophy. The focus of

    Amos Oz | Mirjam Pressler: Judas

    Medal for Merits in the German Language and the Buber Rosenzweig Medal. She has translated works by

    Daša Drndić | Brigitte Döbert & Blanka Stipetić: Sonnenschein

    and playwrights. She studied the English language and literature and theatre arts in Yugoslavia and


    the principal texts of the Russian Cosmists were made available in the German language. Michael

    The Jury of 2009/ 2010

    ). She is co-editor of numerous publications on francophone literature and language, and author of

    Mei Lanfang: A Symphonic Drama by the Beijing Opera

    , contemporary language. There will be introductory events and a discussion with the audience to present the

    Partners and Team

    dramaturgical consulting: Heidi Specogna Foreign language consulting: Lilian-Astrid Geese Organizational

    Illiberal Arts: Curatorial Statement

    together with the invited artists—who work with sound, performance, and language—and with a group of

    The Nomadic Curriculum – A Manual Series: Publication

    question that issues from the here and now but which lacks the language required to speak it.

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