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    The White West: Whose Universal? - Curatorial Statement

    legacies of colonialism tend to find expression in a language contemporary audiences find familiar and

    (Un-)Learning Tracks

    , Nicoline van Harskamp and Vincenzo Latronico Once, the knowledge on language perceived translation merely

    Wed, Nov 2, 2022
    8.30 pm

    Bad Words

    , the audio series Bad Words creates a place for a different way of speaking about language and (...)
    Language Live Performance
    Alphabet Readings

    1989 – Global Histories: The participants

    Ai Xiaoming, Professor of Chinese Language and Literature, Guangzhou. Apart from teaching at Sun

    Sun, Nov 13, 2022
    4.45 pm

    A Sound Civilization

    language and technical interfaces between control, music and corporeal knowledge. Journalist and performer Lectures & Panel
    Cosmic Awakening

    Curatorial text

    language as well as cinematic idiom that was not their own. On the other hand, we wanted to understand the

    Internationaler Literaturpreis: Laudatory speech on the awarding of the 2019 Internationaler Literaturpreis

    pure passions anyway. Unfortunately, she had to translate it into German, a language whose culture of


    language, semiotics and international cultural exchange. He has curated and co-curated several cultural and

    Publication: Bibliothek 100 Jahre Gegenwart

    , Thing, Violence, Justice, Body, Market, Politics, Language, Animal, Truth and Time to show how


    to the University of Cape Town. PRAESA researches and develops alternative forms of language and


    and is also a member of the excellence cluster „Language of Emotion“. Esther Leslie Radical Philosophy

    It’s Our School! Ideas Competition

    language which sometimes affirmed traditional gender roles. At the same time, numerous realistic—and urgent

    It’s Our School! Ideas Competition

    language which sometimes affirmed traditional gender roles. At the same time, numerous realistic—and urgent

    Earth Indices: Processing the Anthropocene

    contextualizing information. Metadata is part of this system of language creation, of a stratigraphy of coding

    Sat, Sep 17, 2022
    12 noon–6 pm

    #Commonings: Workshops

    -existing language methods, materials and the appearance within this. This passivity and subjection are Workshops
    New Alphabet School

    Biographies of participants

    published numerous articles on German-language transcultural and international postcolonial literature, but

    Podcast: Solidarity | Politics of the Dance Floor

    communities. And I think one of the ways in which I've tried to focus on that is with language because

    Wed, Sep 14, 2022

    #Commonings: Installations and Activations

    Mukhtara Ayọ̀tẹ́jú Adékúnbi Yusuf 1. the process of translating words or text from one language into Installations
    New Alphabet School

    Sat, Feb 19, 2022

    What’s Your Story?

    passport? My native language or favorite dish? Visual acuity or sensitivity to cold? Left- or right Animated film workshop
    The Children Have to Hear Another Story – Alanis Obomsawin

    Fri, May 20, 2022
    5 pm

    Exchange on Disappearance and Extinction

    scientific language used to label these dynamics? With Anthony D. Barnosky and Cymene Howe Filmed by artists Conversation
    Unearthing the Present

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