Nova Heart

Beijing’s indie-pop diva

Fri, Aug 9, 2013
8.30 pm
Admission: Evening ticket 10/8 €, film only 5/3 €
Nova Heart, © Liang Du

They call her “China’s Blondie,” though certainly not due to her hair color. Helen is an ex-MTV host and ex-indie star with the groups Ziyo, Free The Birds, and Pet Conspiracy, and has become an overall media star in China. The comparison may have more to do with her versatility, and with the cool, velvety voice that she brings to the fore in her latest incarnation as the singer for Nova Heart. Legend has it that the club-music project was born when, in the nightlife of Istanbul, she and her musical partner DJ Metro Tokyo ran into Rome DJ and producer Rodian, who has ties with the Munich neo-disco label Gomma. The queen of Beijing rock meets the sound of Mjunik meets the hipster zeitgeist – this has already taken her to the stages of prominent festivals, from South by Southwest to c/o Pop.

Nova Heart is following the concert by Tomi Simatupang + HKW Chor