Los Pirañas

Cumbia Noise in a Three-Piece Power Format >>>> At the Hall! <<<<

Sun, Aug 5, 2012
4 pm
Admission: Day ticket (Concert + Dj Sets) 10 €/ 8 €
Los Pirañas, © Catalina Villamizar

With the cubist Cumbia fantasies of his main band, the Meridian Brothers, Eblís Álvarez already had audiences shaking their heads in awe and amazement at the Worldtronics Festival in December 2011. Now, the new music composer, who is also a classically trained and award-winning guitarist, is back at the HKW with his latest fun project.

Other Pirañas include drummer Pedro Ojeda, who was part of the Papaya Republik band that same evening at Worldtronics, and Mario Galeano, normally the brains and the bass guitarist of Frente Cumbiero, who are presenting their ambitious project Ondatrópica the previous evening. This energetic trio forms what could be called Cumbia’s Jimi Hendrix Experience: guitar noise, tight rhythm experiments, all purely instrumental. Whereby the rather expansive title of their debut album “Toma tu jabón kapax“ certainly whets the appetite for lyrics ...

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