Dance Performance

Whisperings of Exile

Nan Jombang Dance Company

Wed, Sep 7, 2011
8 pm
Admission: 13 €/10 € (exhibition included)
Thu, Sep 8, 2011
8 pm
Admission: 13 €/10 € (exhibition included)
Nan Jombang Dance Company, Photo: Fiona Cullen

The performance “Whisperings of Exile (Rantau Berbisik)” by the Indonesian Company Nan Jombang Dance Company tells a story, simplistic yet at the same time modern, of an old Minangkabau tradition: the sons of this people, who are not allowed to remain with the village community due to a matrilinear inheritance tradition, have to abandon their homes and reach maturity in distant places. In doing so, they spread traditional rice recipes from Padang throughout the whole country. This radically contemporary play by the Nan Jombang Group tells a tale of migration, identity and the power of family recipes to ease the pain of homesickness.

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