Special screening: Anne-Marie Mieville and Jean-Luc Godard

Sun, Jul 4, 2010
8 pm
Free admission
© Jean-Luc Godard

Films by Anne-Marie Mieville and Jean-Luc Godard

Jean-Luc GODARD: Je vous salue, Sarajevo | Video | dv | color | 02:00 | Switzerland 1993
Jean-Luc GODARD, Anne-Marie MIEVILLE: The old place | Video | dv | color | 47:00 | Switzerland 1999
Jean-Luc GODARD: De l'origine du XXIe siècle | Video | dv | color | 16:00 | Switzerland/France 2000
Jean-Luc GODARD, Anne-Marie MIEVILLE: Liberté et patrie | Video | dv | color | 21:00 | Switzerland 2000

Damir CUCIC edits images of Vukovar taken during the Serbo-Croatian war. While the murderers chase their prey, the camera escapes, disoriented, into the forest. In “Das Lied ist aus”, Ivan FAKTOR combines war images shot in the Croatian city of Osijek with clips from the soundtrack of Fritz Lang’s “M le Maudit”, laying out a macabre portrait of a city devastated by irrational forces and invisible murderers. In “Kangaroo Court” which is set in a disused factory in Zagreb, Ivan FAKTOR adapts the scene from “M le Maudit” where the Berlin subway crowd judges and accuses the murderer. Pieter GEENEN films the Three-Gorges dam in China and questions the meaning of such a devastated landscape. Basma ALSHARIF also explores the ultimate disillusion that comes when material images fail to communicate the tragedy of a country at war. Till ROESKENS asked the inhabitants of the camp Aïda in Bethlehem to draw a map of their surroundings. The film shows the drawings being created, accompanied by narratives, which bring life to these subjective geographies. Soren Thilo FUNDER shows us men and women on the outskirts of a city, joined together to banish the bandit “Friedlos” (the Wolf-man bandit). They play out the banishing ritual in which they attach the outcast to a horse before exiling him from the city. Lida ABDUL films children transforming airplane scrap into kites in a suburb of Kabul.