The 50 Kaitenz

Sat, Oct 17, 2009
8.30 pm
Tickets: 10 Euros, conc. 8 Euros
The 50 Kaitenz, (c) Ryota Mori

You can’t deny they’ve got humor: The 50 KAITENZ come directly from Osaka, Japan and embody a jovial, if not un-ironic attitude towards the sound of adolescent angst and anger. They are considered a top secret tip in the international garage rock scene.

They are stars in Japan and under contract with the music giant Warner Bros. Their dynamic performances have eclipsed well-known American rock bands. When they bounce onto the stage, the room shakes with their garage punk. They wear black slim suits and mop-top hair like the young Beatles. Danny, Dory and Bogie’s sound is influenced by bands like Dr. Feelgood, Chuck Berry, the Mummies, and especially the Ramones. Tellingly, one of their hits is called “Thank you for Ramones.” Even if they sing in Japanese, we guarantee there won’t be any language barriers: This band rocks.

This event is part of the Asia-Pacific Weeks 2009. The Asia-Pacific Weeks are made possible by the Stiftung Deutsche Klassenlotterie Berlin.