Goodnight Electric

Thu, Oct 15, 2009
8.30 pm
Tickets: 10 Euros, conc. 8 Euros
Goodnight Electric, Photo and copyright: Renda

The Indonesian synthpop band Goodnight Electric continues where the successful sound of Depeche Mode left off, evolving ur-British music into the next big thing in Asia.

In their garish Adidas track suits, the three look like they stepped right out of an Andy Warhol Pop-Art painting. Their affinity for color and melody was nurtured while studying at the art academy. Established 2003 in Jakarta, the trio absorbs the speed and rhythm of the Megacity. The band name Goodnight Electric is taken straight from their earliest days when they used to pull all-nighters to finish their projects. Later, they wondered: What would happen if the electricity was turned off in Indonesia's capital? It would mean a pitch-dark: good night. And we wouldn’t be listening to their synthpop today.

This event is part of the Asia-Pacific Weeks 2009. The Asia-Pacific Weeks are made possible by the Stiftung Deutsche Klassenlotterie Berlin.