Sat, Nov 29, 2008
8 pm
Ticket 13 €, concessions 10 €, Festival ticket: 30 €
Siba e a Fuloresta, © Promo

Of all four featured countries, Brazil undoubtedly has the most diverse musical culture. Doing justice to such a broad spectrum with just three projects posed a practically insurmountable challenge to the curator, Arto Lindsay. He opted for two extremes and a newcomer. Siba e a Fuloresta + Beto Villares stand for the rich history and tradition of the dance music Maracatú, which retains its huge standing in Brazil despite the country's cheerful embrace of Anglophone pop music. "Not because it stands for an allegedly ideal past, simply because people enjoy it", as Lindsay notes. The music of n-1 on the other hand "could just as easily come from Germany, Argentina or Japan", because it is almost exclusively preoccupied with its own hardware. Finally, with the first live performance by Babe, Terror, the festival will celebrate a world première. Line-up: Arto Lindsay Born to US parents, he grew up in Brazil and from the mid-1970s influenced New York underground bands such as DNA, Ambitious Lovers and the Lounge Lizards with his guitar playing. His work as a solo artist combines Brazilian elements with subtle song-writing and freetonal sound hachures.

Siba e a Fuloresta + Beto Villares

Its roots go back to precolonial Angola and the Congo, but nevertheless Maracatú meets nearly all the criteria for modern club music, including bass drums and an MC ("mestre") and above all, the staying power to sustain an entire party night. In Pernambuco, the percussionist and singer Siba Veloso reactivated the traditional band Fuloresta, and together they make music that can hold its own with the best of contemporary tropical DJs. Beto Villares, producer of the band's last LP, will perform a subtle remix of the concert in real time.


A loop machine does not care whether the material comes from the first or the seventh world. The set-up used by Alexandre Fenerchi and Giuliano Obici, who together make up n-1, is an information relay that playfully rebels against common listening habits, recombining the sound in semi-aleatoric, semi-organised improvised processes. They represent a pure, uncompromising form – Brazil's contribution to a globalised electro-science.

Babe, Terror

Without any tales to tell, this 28-year-old from São Paulo came out of nowhere and dived into his own world, which is awoken by multi-layered, synchronised recordings of his own voice. When Babe, Terror throws his lyrical ego into the hall of mirrors, the result is a unique, idiosyncratic and unprecedented image. In Berlin he will play alongside a live drummer from Rio de Janeiro – a world première.

Lineup: Arto Lindsay