Readings, performances, boat trip

Death by Landscape

With Timo Feldhaus, Elvia Wilk, Calla Henkel, K Allado McDowell, Bitsy Knox, Kirsty Bell and a performance by Nazanin Noori

Fri, Jul 8, 2022
8.30 pm

In German and English

Part of Alphabet Readings
July 8 & 9

The boat will depart from the dock right at HKW at 8.30 pm. The trip will end at about 11 pm.

During the boat ride, no passengers can be let on or off the boat.

There is wheelchair access to the lower deck. For more accessibility information, contact: or call 030 – 397 87 175

Rachel Rose, Enclosure (2019)

Death by Landscape is an event that moves through the city at night. A boat on the Spree will be the vessel for readings by Timo Feldhaus, Elvia Wilk, Calla Henkel, K Allado-McDowell, Bitsy Knox, Kirsty Bell and a performance by Nazanin Noori.

The title is borrowed from Elvia Wilk's recent book of essays, which proposes new ways for living and working in an age of extinction. “Death” here is not about invoking catastrophe, but about the end of certain destructive perspectives – perspectives that see the human as supreme over the rest of the world. The landscape, formerly thought of as a passive resource for extraction, becomes an overwhelming life force. What if the landscape flipped from the background into the foreground? What if the river became the protagonist of the story? It might be spooky. Ghosts might come to life. The trip represents a transition, a crossing over.

Curated by Elvia Wilk and Mathias Zeiske

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