Reading, performance

Wet Bias

­ Magazine Release & Reading

Fri, Dec 3, 2021
Lecture Hall
8 pm
Free admission
At this time, the 2G rule (vaccinated-recovered) applies for this event. More about Covid- 19 admission regulations

In German and English

Launch of the online magazine at

Weather is raining on the screen from outside. Are all the windows closed? Wet bias refers to a meteorological phenomenon, a play on the probability of rain. In forecasts, some meteorologists predict it to be higher than weather data indicates. It rains but things don’t get wet. Only on the screen.

The new issue of digital literary magazine ­ Wet Bias compiles five texts that move between chance and fate, drift and agenda, data and fiction. Readers can interact with these texts, but their codes stay hidden. They don't roll the dice; or do they?

The new issue Wet Bias will be launched with readings by authors Heike Geißler and Miriam Stoney and a performance by Katharina Joy Book and Eszter Koncz. In a series of live weather experiments, they create a multi-layered environment of text, sound and video.

With Katharina Joy Book and Eszter Koncz, Heike Geißler and Miriam Stoney.