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Jan St. Werner, Andi Toma, Olivia Block, DeForrest Brown Jr., Forbes Graham, Bonnie Jones

Escape from America [Total Recall]

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Sat, Nov 14, 2020
Live on
9 pm
DeForrest Brown Jr., Photo: Ting Ding

Together with Andi Toma, Jan St. Werner collaborated with around 30 different artists for the album Dimensional People of their project Mouse On Mars. Now, in a telematic jam session via video conference, the two of them and curators Susanna Bolle and Annette Klein bring the sounds and visions of four very different people into harmony. The multimedia artist Olivia Block from Chicago contributes found and electronic sounds, while the theorist DeForrest Brown Jr., AKA Speaker Music, operates the sampler in New York City. Forbes Graham, meanwhile, sits at his computer in Boston and plays the trumpet, while in Providence improv musician and poet Bonnie Jones contributes circuit bending, words and video. This is how a polylog, mixed in real time by St. Werner and Toma in Berlin, emerges, integrating the fallibilities of contemporary video communication into improvisation practice.

Visualization: Michael Akstaller

DeForrest Brown Jr., Photo: Ting Ding