Holly Herndon, Mat Dryhurst & Frances Stonor Saunders: Interdependence

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Fri, Nov 13, 2020
Live on
6 pm
Holly Herndon & Mat Dryhurst, Photo: Suzy Poling

For this live taping of the Interdependence podcast, the artists Holly Herndon and Mat Dryhurst will hold a conversation with the British historian Frances Stonor Saunders. Her book Who Paid the Piper? The CIA and the Cultural Cold War explores CIA efforts to weaponise artistic movements and spread American cultural influence during the Cold War.

The podcast will be broadcasting from HKW whose building was gifted to Berlin by the USA and is situated on John-Foster-Dulles-Allee. John Foster Dulles was the former Secretary of State whose brother was Director of the CIA during the Cold War. Stonor Saunders will discuss the relationships she unearthed between the CIA and intellectual movements at the time, how, if at all, these developments correlate with the funding of American Avant Garde music in the post war period, and reflect on the unique relationship that persists between Germany state funding bodies and the American vanguard.

Interdependence is a series of conversations with people shaping 21st century culture from the studio of Holly Herndon and Mat Dryhurst in Berlin.

Holly Herndon & Mat Dryhurst, Photo: Suzy Poling