Masha Qrella, Mira Mann

Fri, Aug 21, 2020
8 pm
8 pm Mira Mann
9 pm Masha Qrella

Open air on the roof terrace
Masha Qrella, © Diana Näcke

Masha Qrella

Masha Qrella has been a solo musician for almost two decades now and released five albums and a number of EPs that uniquely combined songwriting and storytelling. Qrella approaches pop in an empathetic way, sensitive but not dramatic. But the theater recently played a major role in her work, as the EP Day After Day demonstrated with lyrical set pieces by Heiner Müller in a foretaste of her upcoming album.

Mira Mann, © Thomas Gothier

Mira Mann

Mira Mann is known to most as the founder of Candelilla, but has also excelled as a solo musician and writer. The boundaries between sound art and word art are fluid for her. In the way that her EP Ich mag das (I Like That) last fall used experimental compositions as the basis for drastic language performances, her recent poetry books such as Komm einfach (Just Come) are a reading experience shaped by Mann’s subtle rhythmic flow.