Fashion show

Bootcamp: Humans Only

Institute of Experimental Fashion and Textile Design (UdK)

Sun, Sep 15, 2019
8 pm
Free admission
Boys Will Be Boys, © Jasmin Erb

Stereotypical body images promote stereotypical fashion. But what clothing should be designed to suit non-normative bodies?

Seventeen students have created collections that challenge gender identities, discard norms and enable new body readings. A wide variety of body perceptions and representations served as sources of inspiration: underwear is given new functions, the virtual body wears an analog dress. Supposed female insignia are mixed with male, queerness helps bring about a departure and transformation in cut and colors. Not only do the collections reject established body perceptions, but the presentation breaks with the conventions of the traditional catwalk.

A project by students of the Institute of Experimental Fashion and Textile Design at Berlin University of the Arts, under the supervision of Carolin Lerch, Evelyn Sitter and Michiel Helbig. With contributions by Katharina Achterkamp, Mina Bonakdar, Mia Alvizuri Sommerfeld, Anastasiia Antonenko, Johanna Braun, Jasmin Erb, Jan Geiger Dedio, Alessandro Gentile, Marlene Haase, Jasmin Halama, Veronica Hopponen, Lene Jürgensen, Ilona Karacsony, Paula Keilholz, Louisa Aylin Krüger, Marius Kurz, Laura Lang, Dominik Musewitsch, Christine Sattler, Katharina Spitz, Nataliya Susyak, Vi Nghiem Tuong, Anne-Kristin Winzer, choreographic support by Shade Théret