Corpoliteracy in educational and cultural institutions

Sun, Sep 15, 2019
Hirschfeld Bar
12 noon–4 pm
Free admission
In German, without translation
Installation raumlabor berlin, launch "Schools of Tomorrow", 2017, © Gauffin

The “racialized body,” the “body of others,” the “demonized body,” the “barbaric body,” the “sexualized body”: The body seems unthinkable without power and domination. Ideas about certain bodies are always determined by the dominant social circumstances. Especially those whose bodies are described as “not normal,” “strange” or even “threatening” are forced to critically examine how their bodies are being read.

The workshop will discuss theories on the “racialized body” as well as Afrofuturism and the body-giving power of the media. These will serve as tools to query the Reading Bodies! project in a focused way: What strategies are necessary to unlearn stereotypical body images? How can daycare centers, schools, universities and cultural institutions take intersectional life realities into account? What instruments and what vocabulary can be used to convey corpoliteracy?

Educational experts from the bildungsLab* and participants accompany the symposium Reading Bodies! and attempt to find answers to these questions using dialogical and creative methods.

With Lalitha Chamakalayil, Shadi Korooshy, Sabine Mohamed (scientists, bildungsLab* Berlin)