La Blessure, La Tragédie des Harkis | Pariser Journal (excerpts)

D: Daniel Costelle, Isabelle Clarke, FR 2009, 90 min, dubbed in English | D: Georg Stefan Troller, DE 1962, 26 min, German OV

Thu, Sep 26, 2019
Lecture Hall
7.30 pm
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La Blessure, La Tragédie des Harkis (2009) | Arrivée de harkis à Marseille, © Pierre Domenech

La Blessure, La Tragédie des Harkis (An Unhealed Wound, The Harkis in the Algerian War)

During the Algerian war many Algerians, so-called Harkis, also fought for the French army. How was the deployment of these approximately 200 000 soldiers rationalized during the war? The documentary examines how they experienced the war years and how their subsequent deportation to detention centers was justified.

Pariser Journal (excerpts)

The forays by author and filmmaker Georg Stefan Troller for Pariser Journal, which was broadcast by German television in the 1960s, provide insights into various spheres of French society. Towards the end of the Algerian War and immediately after the peace agreement, Troller reported several times on the war’s background and consequences for the people of France and Algeria.