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Opening: Afro-Sonic Mapping

Thu, Oct 31, 2019
8 pm
Free admission
Procession after the Service at Nossa Senhora do Rossario dos Pretos, Salvador da Bahia, 2018, © Photo: Satch Hoyt, Courtesy of the artist

8 pm, Main lobby
Anselm Franke, Paz Guevara and Satch Hoyt

8.30 pm, Main lobby

Through a real time composition performance a procession of musicians will temporally inhabit the exhibition. Inspired by the Afro-Sonic Mapping paintings on view, which twofold act as scores and cartographic displays of the African Diaspora, the performers will interpret the pictorial notations, creating new layers of live sonicity. Over the course of the performance, the visual, the auditory and the political intertwine a ritual experience.

With Fuasi Abdul-Khaliq, Daniel “El Congo” Allen, Stéphane Gaultier, Geoffroy de Masure, Regis “KinRe” Molina, Lulendo, Suyá Nascimento, Christina Wheeler, Satch Hoyt