Live broadcast

Free Radio Futures – Radio Netzwerk Berlin (88.4 FM & 90.7 FM)

Sat, Dec 8, 2018
5 pm
Free admission
In English

The medium of radio, as well as the Berlin acoustic landscape, are under increasing pressure for change in view of rapid technical developments and correspondingly changing listener habits. Cultural places can be mediated by the interconnection of decentralized radio initiatives. The Berlin Radio Network proposes an approach that transmits the multi-faceted scenes of Berlin and the decentralization of districts to radio waves, which ensures the respective independence of the actors and qualifies the radio as an interface and catalyst for the ongoing production processes of society.

With Diana McCarty (, Giacomo Gianetta (Cashmere Radio), Kamila Metwaly (Savvy Radio), Moro Yapha (wearebornfree!), moderated by Valie Djordjevic