Concerts, performances

Cevdet Erek, Hassan Khan

Thu, Nov 1, 2018
9–10 pm
Free admission

Hassan Khan: I saw the world collapse and it was only a word
In this composition for five singers–followed by a coda on a cell phone–an organic musical structure has been developed to interpret a libretto composed of seventy words and forty intersubjective events that chart a mysterious modulation, a vaguely remembered moment of collapse, an undefined yearning, a search for names and other half-imagined conversations.

Cevdet Erek: RA RS P RP I
Radiophonic Spaces, for which Cevdet Erek designed the spatial structure and scenography, gives a visual and spatial form to a non-visual and almost immaterial form of art. It thus invites the visitors to explore radio art with their bodies and their movements. For RA RS P RP, Cevdet Erek takes a personal selection from the sound snippets that make up walk-in radio archive, rearranging and reassembling them, turning them back into the linear form of the traditional radio-broadcast. In this way he returns to the medium of the radio as an alternative mode to exhibit the radio art assembled in Radiophonic Spaces.
RA RS P RP I was commissioned by Deutschlandfunk Kultur and will be broadcasted on Nov 23, 2018at 12.05 am in the program Klangkunst.

Part of Der Ohrenmensch