Before the Celebration

Thu, Jun 28, 2018
from 4 pm
Free admission
Conversations in German, English, and the respective original language

In the foyer, bar on the roof terrace
Shared Reading, Photo: David Gauffin

Reading together has consequences: that’s what six reading groups are showing this year.

They present their reading impressions and insights into the six shortlisted books—in close dialogue with authors, translators and the audience: a collaborative exchange not only on the makes and means of literature but rather on the makes and styles of reading.


4 pm
Schreibende Schüler meet
Anuk Arudpragasam & Hannes Meyer
Read: Die Geschichte einer kurzen Ehe

ocelot reading group meets
Claudia Steinitz & Katy Derbyshire
Read: Das Leben des Vernon Subutex

TOLEDO reading group meets
Nicola Denis & Andreas Rötzer
Read: Die Tagesordnung

5 pm
Reading group Die Insel meets
Ivana Sajko & Alida Bremer
Read: Liebesroman

SAND Journal reading group meets
Eliot Weinberger & Beatrice Faßbender
Read: Vogelgeister

Reading group Literaturinitiative meets
Maxim Ossipow & Birgit Veit
Read: Nach der Ewigkeit