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Kobo Town | The Chap

Fri, Aug 17, 2018
7 pm
Admission: Evening ticket (2 concerts + film) 16€/12€
Open-air on the roof terrace

7 pm The Chap
8.30 pm Kobo Town
10 pm Young Soul Rebels (film)
Kobo Town, © Paul Wright

Drew Gonsalves knew what he was doing when he named his band Kobo Town. For it was in this neighborhood of Port of Spain in Trinidad that calypso was born.

In London the music genre maintained its function as a newspaper for the little guy. Starting in the 1950s newly arrived Calypsonians used their lyrics to discuss the veneration of the British Royals, football, cricket, and other strange customs on their new island home. Gonsalves plays a program of these songs, put together especially for Wassermusik, churning them together with indie attitudes into a wild party. The band from Toronto’s new album London Town was also nominated for the Canadian music award Juno.

The Chap, © Promo

The Chap

The Chap want to make music that “sounds wrong.” At least, that’s what they themselves claim. Their sound, somewhere between indietronic, funk, and electronic music is highly catchy and danceable. The musicians, who met in London but are now scattered all over the world, share a very British nonsense humour that gives their prog-rock-pop its highly charming absurdity. At the live performances the “bored crew of anti-Prousts” is not searching for anything like lost time. They completely forget that there is such a thing as time at all.