Film screening and conversation

Eines Tages (Someday)

8 pm
Free admission

German and Romanian with translations, film: original with German subtitles

And-Ek Ghes… (film still), © Promo

Film screening and discussion with the directors Philip Scheffner and Colorado Velcu, curator Nanna Heidenreich and translator and author Eva Ruth Wemme

Colorado Velcu moves from Faţa Luncii in Romania to Berlin with his seven children. In the film And-Ek Ghes… (D 2016, 94 min, original with German subtitles), he becomes the director of his story. Filmmaker Philip Scheffner’s plan to document the family’s arrival transforms into a boisterous family project: cameras are passed around, the perspectives multiply.

And-Ek Ghes… negotiates the human right to one’s own story, the art of narration. The film portrays the arrival, everyday life and organizational modes of a family spread across many borders. Systematic marginalization and existential fears prevail in this everyday life just as much as a strong sense of humor and solidarity. Reflections over the process of filming are core elements of the production; the boundaries between the documenter and the documented become blurred. This collaborative mode of working also leads to the title song of And-Ek Ghes… (Someday) and the music video that imagines a fictional Bollywood version of Berlin.

Following the screening, the two directors will talk about recording stories, new and old threads and how they are tied together with Nanna Heidenreich, curator of the Soundtracks series, and Eva Ruth Wemme, translator and author of the book Meine 7000 Nachbarn (My 7,000 Neighbors) about her encounters with Romanian Romani in Berlin.