Terra Nova (film still), © Promo
Entrance to the cupola hall in silent green / former crematorium Wedding, © Laura Fiorio
And-Ek Ghes… (film still), © Promo



Mobile video installation, film, audio play


“Dialog on equal footing,” “lending a voice” – this kind of wording reveals positions of power. How can we bring ourselves to think differently? How is empowerment created within the host society? Following sound tracks, artists and activists, newcomers and long-time residents of Berlin work to politicize the act of listening.

Well-meaning intentions, as we are now experiencing in the context of refugees and immigrants, are often problematic. Artists who deal with this have to ask themselves both aesthetic and moral questions: Who does artistic work benefit? What positions does it include? How do I handle the untranslatable? What about unsolvable conflicts? Nanna Heidenreich selected projects, which work on the basis of continuous research and are process-oriented. But they all have one thing in common: listening.

Part of 100 Years of Now