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Elkin Robinson | Guayo Cedeño

Sat, Jul 9, 2016
Roof Terrace
7 pm
Admission: Evening ticket (2 concerts + film) 14€/10€
7 pm Guayo Cedeño
8.30 pm Elkin Robinson
10 pm Los viajes del viento / The Wind Journeys (Film)
Elkin Robinson, © Promo/Flickr

The islands of San Andrés and Providencia off the coast of Nicaragua served primarily as a hideaway for pirates for many years. Today they belong to Colombia, but their residents hardly speak any Spanish, but an English creole. A music all its own developed here that shows influences from calypso, mento, reggae, and zouk. Since his celebrated debut album two years ago, Elkin Robinson has brought the sound and history of the small islands to the world at large, with acoustic and electric guitar, traditional instruments like the infamous jawbone or the tub. He thrills the audience with a fresh mix of danceable Caribbean rhythm – and with loads of infectious charm.

Guayo Cedeno, © Katia Paradis

Guayo Cedeño

Dazzling surf jazz from Honduras: Guayo Cedeño is one of the most important guitarists of Central America. After working with stars of Belizean Garifuna music like Andy Palacio and Aurelio Martinez, he turned to the music of his childhood in the 1970s, when he grew up with his father’s concerts: Cedeño’s father was the guitarist for Los Robbins, a legendary beat band from Honduras. As a solo artist, Cedeño has modernized the boogie shuffle rhythms with his virtually ecstatic style of electric guitar playing that recalls the virtuosity of Ry Cooder or the bold desert sound of Calexico, and a complex and swinging, utterly enchanting play with rhythm.